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Applying For U.S.A Student Visa ( step by step guide)

This article will try to explain the whole application process of applying for a USA study visa through which you can schedule your appointment and subsequently be issued your visa.

Before getting to the main application process, let me highlight a couple of things.

First of all the interview date that you choose should be no less than 120 days prior to your start day at the University.

For example, if you are starting on the 19th of August you should not be choosing an interview date before the 19th of April.

And the second thing which confuses some students is that there is no single day booked for just the F1 visa, for the F1 visa you can apply it any day that ranges within the 120 days of you are going to the USA so now let’s get right into the application process.

The very first step the application process is getting your I-20 so after you obtaining your I-20, you will find a service ID written at the top of the I-20, you’ll have to use this service ID to pay the service fee.

You will have to fill out a very quick form and enter your service ID, school details and your personal details and then pay the required fee through your credit card, and of course, they don’t accept the debit card.

So after paying your service fee, you will get a receipt which you need to show at the visa counselor office so definitely save that receipt and keep it safe.

The second step is to fill out the DS-160 form. This form is required for each and every person regardless of the immigration objective.

You are required to fill out all of your details, your family details, university details, and you have to provide guarantors and their details as well and you must specify the kind of visa you want, and your duration of stay.

So after filling up the DS-160 form, you will again get a receipt, and that receipt will have a DS-160 form confirmation number, which you will require later.

After completing the DS-160 form, the next step is scheduling an appointment and paying the visa fee.

Visit the official USA immigration website to schedule an appointment, you will again have to fill up your basic information, and pay the visa fee.  The visa fee will be clearly written on their website.

You can pay online or go to the bank to physically deposit. The money you can go to the Axis Bank, the Citibank and as is specified on the website.

The receipt that you will receive from the bank will have a number, and you will have to enter that number on the website and after entering the number, you can proceed with scheduling your appointment.

Then you will have to book an appointment for two days. On the first day, your biometric and your photographs, and every other required information will be taken.

And you can attend your main interview on whatever day you choose.