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Common Mistakes People make while Applying For Canada VISA

Over the last 10 years, the pattern and application procedures of immigration have changed. If you desire to move to Canada, then you must first be apprised about the new and latest immigration scenario/procedures to avoid common mistakes that could ruin the success of your application.

The chances of your visa getting approved are dependent on many factors.

It also depends on your proof of documentation, and the country you are applying from.

Immigrants hoping to move to Canada should note that simple avoidable mistakes could ruin your visa application.

Avoiding the following mistakes and being smart will save you money and time and ultimately visa denials.

Let’s look at the visa mistakes that could ruin visa application, and how to avoid them.

Not Strictly Following The Visa Regulations

The regulations guiding them are there for a reason, and when you don’t strictly follow them, it means you are taking chances that could affect your application.

Embassy/consulates often reject visa applications that fail to comply with the visa regulations strictly, and if for some reason they don’t reject it, they may request additional documentation or they may eventually deny the visa.

For example: If you the visa you are applying for is granted for 30 days, it is advisable not to present a 45-days itinerary and possibly ask for a 45-day visa.

Presenting An Incomplete Itinerary

Embassy/Consulate require to see your complete itinerary. They would want to see the beginning of the itinerary and the possible ending in your country of residence or home country.

A complete itinerary you must present should look like this Home-Destination1-Destination2-Destination3-Home. Example USA-Ontario-Vancouver-Nova Scotia-USA.

Mentioning About Remote Work, Volunteering

Foreigners on a Tourist visa are prohibited to engage in any form of remuneration activities without first obtaining a work permit.

If you are on a Tourist visa, never mention remote work, digital nomad, volunteering, etc. These are red flags and may affect your visa application.

If any of the red flags are found during your visa application, you might, unfortunately, be subjected to blacklisting and visa denial.

If these red flags are found at the port of entry, the immigration officials might fine, arrest, deport you or placing you on a permanent ban from entering the country again.

If you are applying for a Tourist visa and your intention is volunteering, when asked, simply say you are visiting to see and explore the country.

Even as a digital nomad, you can equally say you are visiting to see and explore the country.

My Documents are Sufficient

This is a major mistake most applicants make when applying for a visa.

Some applicants think that they don’t need to prepare their documents in advance since they have all the experience and educational documents available.

The best practice is getting all your documents ready and intact before you begin the visa application process as you may be required to provide additional documents to what you have.

Only One Way To Canadian Permanent Residency

This is a major misconception, and foreigners/applicants who entertain these thoughts are wrong.

The Canadian government has numerous pathways for permanent residency to qualified and deserving applicants.