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Facts About The Australian Temporary Work Visa

Australia is a highly developed country with a robust workforce, and economy, an excellent educational system and a high quality of living.

Foreigners who wish to visit Australia regardless of the immigration objectives must first obtain a visa.

However, some nationals are exempted from obtaining a visa before entering Australia. There are several categories of Australian visas that would any immigration objective.

Facts About The Australian Temporary Work Visa (482 subclass)

The 482 subclass visa is the main Australian temporary work visa for employers to, sponsor workers from overseas

I will be providing details about the short term, and long term streams.

If you are applying for the short term stream your 482 visas will be valid for two years, and if you are applying for a long-term, your 482 visas will be valid for four years.

The 4 years 482 visa meet the requirement for permanent residency under the employer-sponsored visa which is not available for the two-year visa stream.

The Visa stream you are applying for depends on your nominated occupation.

If the nominated occupation is on the short term list you will be applying under the short term stream, and if your nominated occupation is on the medium-term list, you will be applying under the long term stream.

Note: If you are applying under the short term stream you will need to meet temporary requirements to the labor market testing requirements.

While there are many requirements for labor market testing the most important features include employers advertising in at least two mediums running the job ad for at least 21 days and mentioning the salary of the position in the advert.

Applicants are advised to submit a strong and well-supported nomination application for the 482 visa.

The annual market salary rate requirement which replaces the market salary rate previously required for the 457 visa application must be at or above the temporary skilled migration income threshold.

$53,900 annually is the income threshold that is set by the department currently.

The TSS 482 visa have new work experience requirement, and visa applicants before they can apply are required to have two years of relevant work experience.

This is a major change, because many international graduates may not have the two years of full-time and relevant work experience to be able to apply for the TSS visa.

During the visa application, it is important to attach all the necessary documents to your application.

Besides the genuine need for the position, there have been cases where the application has been refused because of one or two documents missing, and the applicant may not be requested to provide further documents. So it is pertinent that all documents are attached to the online application at the time of submission.

If you can’t qualify for an Australian permanent residency the 482 offers, a pathway to Australian PR for those who hold a medium-term stream visa will be through the temporary transition ENS or the RSM after working with an approved sponsor for three years.

Note: The matters discussed in this article are mentioned in general and it is best to seek advice specific to your situation before proceeding with an application, and around 75% of all applicants use migration agents.