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The Top 10 Jobs In Canada

let’s talk about the highest paying in-demand jobs in Canada for the next five years.

There are so many immigrants and students who wish to come to Canada to work and get an education, but the problem is most of the students and immigrants are not aware of the most in-demand jobs in Canada and their remuneration.

The following are some of the top ten high-paying jobs in Canada.


Every business needs people who can file corporate taxes and manage their company’s finances, and since there are so many small companies in Canada and they are growing, everyone probably knows they definitely need accountants.

But the scramble to hire accountants also reflects the renewed health of the financial industry.

So the pay range for an accountant would be $63,000 to $75,000 Canadian dollar for the mid-level position that are most in-demand right now

Truck Drivers

The Canadian economy relies on truck drivers a lot, but there may not be enough young adults entering the trucking industry.  The median age of transport truck drivers is almost 47 years old.

Half of the Canadian truck driving workforce is between the age of 47 and 65 that means a substantial number of workers will be retiring in the coming decades.

This is why Canada could be short almost 27,000 between the period from,2015 to 2024, and the pay ranges between,$35,000 to $65,000 Canadian Dollar for the mid-level experience.


In 2014 the median age of registered nurses in Canada was almost 43, so roughly half of the registered nurses’ workforce is between 43 and 65 plus a substantial number of registered nurses retire before the age of 65.

So there could be a shortage of 45,000 registered nurses in the coming years, and that’s huge.

The pay range is between $40,000 to $70,000 Canadian Dollar for mid-level experience

Business Analyst

A business analyst analyzes an organization’s business documents and knows a business domain real or hypothetical and documents its business or processes or systems, and assessing the business models or its integration with technology.

Some business analysts work with a technical team to get it done you can expect a pay range between $60,000 to $80,000 Canadian Dollar for mid-level positions.

Engineers and Managers

These are folks who know both how to build stuff and how to manage people, and with the federal government pumping money into infrastructural projects, and a lot of the housing sectors need Engineers and Project Managers and the salary ranges between $74,000 and $92,000.

Dental Therapist

Dental therapists are trained to take x-rays,  provides simple direct restorations, and extra teeth.

So they provide more extensive services and perform some of the services traditionally provided by dentists.

Salaries for dental therapists are between the range of $65,000 $90,000 Canadian Dollars for mid-levels.

Software Engineers

The use of the software is almost everywhere these days, not just in your desktop and smartphone but also in things like your car and kitchen appliances.

It is no surprise that the folks who build software are everywhere and in virtually every industry from banking to the public sector.

Software engineers require a technical degree or diploma and salary range from $83,000 to $99,000 Canadian Dollar for mid-level.

Financial Managers

Financial managers produce the financial reports direct investment activities and develop strategies and plans for the long-term financial goals for the organization.

Financial managers work in many places including banks and insurance companies, the entry-level position can earn anywhere between $75,000 to $95,000 Candian Dollar.


Becoming a doctor in Canada is a pretty lengthy process, and moreover the national average salary for a doctor is comfortably into six-figure range annually meaning at the end of the day they are going to be in a pretty good spot financially. Their salary range could be like 250K for a mid-level experienced doctor which could be very more for surgeons for sure.

That’s it guys, and I hope this is will help you to choose the right career and program for your future.